About BHT

BHT’s Mission is to combat homelessness, create opportunities and promote change. We work mainly in Brighton, Hove, Hastings and Eastbourne, and have services in development elsewhere in Sussex. Areas of activity include homelessness services, legal advice and representation, alcohol and drug interventions, mental health services, work and learning opportunities, and resettlement and housing services.

This blog is one of several being written by staff and service users at BHT, as part of our approach to Thought Leadership, allowing the free expression of ideas and open debate.

Our website provides information on our work and how you can support us.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are those of Andy Winter and should not be assumed to be the formal policy of BHT.  For clarification, please email andy.winter@bht.org.uk.

3 thoughts on “About BHT

  1. We are currently working on a project to convert shipping containers in to low cost social housing – once converted our plan is to lease the containers to Councils, Charities and Housing Associations etc for low cost housing similar to the Brighton container housing project. We had a couple of 20Ft shipping containers left over from another project and converted them in to small student pods that that have rented out at low cost, the students love them. We are now looking to raise the money to build more; we are looking at building a crowdfunding platform to get this off the ground.

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