The Budget: My Reaction

On housing, the Chancellor said : “                      “.  Specifically, on housing supply he said: “                              “.  On affordability, he said: ”                       “. And on an increase in the supply of homes for rent which people can afford, he said: “                          “.

To be fair, the Autumn Statement did focus quite a bit on housing, although I feel the wrong sort of investment. (See my comments on that statement here: An Opportunity Missed).

On social care he announced £2 billion over the next three years. That is to be welcomed but it is less than the £1 billion per annum needed just to keep things as they are.

The only other matter of note (I won’t comment on the controversy of the day regarding national insurance and those who are self employed), we should no longer refer to JAMS (those households who, according to Theresa May, are “just about managing”) or the more patronising “hard working families” of George Osborn. Phillip Hammond (who must be competing to be the most boring Chancellor of All Time, a mantle currently shared by John Major and Alistair Darling) referred to “ordinary working families”.  I can go with that.


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