Photo of the Day: The BHT IT Department

Miro, Matt and James

Miro, Matt and James

It is said that a good referee at a football game isn’t ever noticed. It is only when they get something wrong that they become the topic of conversation.

The same is true with IT. You don’t notice it when it works. You just get on with what you want to do. But when it goes wrong, it can be so frustrating.

At BHT we run our own in house IT Department. The other day I received the following from a member of staff who wishes to remain anonymous:

“I would like to share some feedback with you regarding the IT team. I truly appreciate just how much work the team have to do on a daily basis simply supporting every project across BHT never mind some of the huge over-arching projects they had to manage throughout 2016 but, without fail, every time I called or emailed them (and I did many many times a week!) they were always responsive, completely unflappable, they made me feel as though nothing was ever too big or too small for them to help me with, they were always patient and extremely understanding around my miniscule IT knowledge.  They really are a great team and have excellent customer service.”

So my Photo of the Day is of our IT Department: Matt Andrew, James Clark and Miro Oliva.


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