LangeLee’s Café Supports BHT and First Base Day Centre

LangeLee’s Café in Brighton has recently added some Team Favourite meals to their menu and will donate 50p from the sale of each dish to BHT’s First Base Day Centre.

Co-owner, Michael Lange, explained why they have decided to support us: “We at LangeLee’s believe that as a business we have a responsibility to support the local community.


Me (left) with Michael Lange from LangeLee’s. (It’s not because we are both South Africans!)

“BHT offices are directly opposite LangeLee’s.   Andy Winter (BHT Chief Executive) and his team have been supporting us as customers since we opened, so when deciding on a charity to support there was only one choice.

“The work that BHT does to move people away from the streets is admirable.”

I am really grateful to Michael and Lee for hetir support.  I can recommend LangeLee’s, not just becaue they support us, but because of the fabulous food, not least my favourite dish, the Bobotie (apologies to all vegetarians for this, but LangeLee’s do a great range of vegetarian dishes)..


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