Photo of the Day: A Warning to Whining Motorists

bus-laneEarlier this week I wrote a post about so-called ‘shared public space’ where motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians are expected to share the same space, saying the concept is a complete hoax. I attracted some angry reaction. Yesterday I posted a link covering some of that reaction.

Today I write about another thing that annoys me – motorists who complain about being fined for speeding and for driving in bus lanes. Yesterday the Brighton Argus led with a story about the number of fines tripling over the last year.

What do drivers expect if they flout traffic signs and the ample warnings that exist? I hear drivers complain about speed cameras.

Bus lanes and speed cameras are there for a good reason. It is about time drivers stop whining! I am tired of the selfishness of motorists who park on pavements, block pedestrian crossings, drive in bus lanes, assert their dominance in share public spaces.

So today’s Photo of the Day is the clear signage warning car drivers not to enter bus lanes.


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