Photo of the Day: A Not So Happy New Year

img_4785I’m not a great one for staying up for ‘The Bells’ on New Year’s Eve, rather I tend to take myself off to bed early, falling asleep while listening to the World Tonight on Radio 4. Such is my rock ‘n roll lifestyle.

So I was up and out early this morning. The air was fresh and the rain was just about holding off. There were some people heading off to work, others to the station, and I saw a couple of individuals sheepishly doing the ‘walk of shame’.

The only other evidence that this was the morning after the night before were miscellaneous empty bottles and cans, and a few broken bottles. The trains at Brighton Station were running on time and there were several groups of people heading back to London, possibly with individual and some collective headaches. All this was all evidence that most people had had a good night.

But what was noticeable, as the rain got heavier, that this wasn’t a Happy New Year for everyone. I lost count of the numbers bedded down in doorways. This wasn’t the start to the new year that they will have wanted.

So my photograph of the day is called ‘A Not So Happy New Year’.


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