The messages people leave when donating to the BHT Christmas Appeal

The messages left when people donate to BHT’s Christmas Appeal

I love reading the messages left by people who donate to our Christmas Appeal. Here are just a few examples:

“Instead of sending Christmas cards, our company sends an e-card & donates the money saved to charity. Staff voted to help rough sleepers due to the current crisis. We hope this helps” – Premiere Picture

“Great work guys doing us proud” – Joe

“Amazing work, keep going. Season’s Greetings to all” – Susan Carroll, Scala Advance

“BHT does such brilliant work, well done and thank you for trying” – Heather

“I hope this contribution brings a little warmth, comfort and a few smiles to some folk who need it, not just at Christmas but especially at Christmas” – Elaine Sharland

“Seeing the homeless sleeping on the Brighton streets in such freezing weather is dreadful. Great work. Was almost me, once” – Barbara Rutland

“I have just read about your appeal in the Brighton Independent, and hope you reach your target.” – Jane

“Donating on behalf of Heather and Ian, my mum and stepdad, instead of buying them a Christmas present.” – Bianca

“Doing this instead of Xmas cards to support your great work” – B & S

“My Christmas wish is for everybody to have a roof over their head” – Lynn

“For the help you gave my brother Jamie” – Natalie B

“Wishing all the homeless people of Brighton a day of warmth, and bellies full of food at Christmas time xxx” – Samantha Holland

“The Charity Match scheme at work will double this amount to £500” – Iain Riddell

“You do an amazing job. I am donating the money I would have spent on Christmas Cards” – Carmel Millar

“Very happy to support BHT in the work that they do for some of the most vulnerable people in our community” – Kathy Biggle & Neil Harding

“Proud to work alongside you x” – Shazza

My apologies for the many others I haven’t quoted.

Many people donate anonymously, which I must confess I find frustrating as it is difficult for me to acknowledge their generosity. Here are a few messages left by people wishing to remain anonymous:

“I thank you BHT for all that you do. I hope the people you help, have a safe, warm and healthy 2017 and a jolly good Christmas lunch!”

“Sorry it’s not much but here is a bit towards your goal”

“Passing on my Winter Fuel Allowance – essential payment for those that need it, but for those like me, who are lucky enough not to need it, good to pass it on”

“The Chancellor kindly gives me a winter fuel allowance and I’d like to pass it on. Keep up the good work First Base”

“Donations by work colleagues at Hove Job Centre from our own Christmas jumper day. Also instead of buying cards for each other we donated the cash.”

Some comments are a bit political:

“I am very grateful to Labour for my Winter Fuel allowance, but this year I’m donating it to others who need it more than I do.” – Frances Bill

“Vital work that should be covered through our taxes, not reliant on donors and the admirable efforts of volunteers” – Terry

Someone, anonymous, appears to have responded to a challenge: “There you go Kirsty and Stuart. Enjoy xx”. If you know Kirsty, you could do no less!

And my favourite three from this year:

“First Base ppl helped my brother when I lost contact with him. He had mental illness and was homeless. They took care of him, provided medical help and reconnected us which I’m forever thankful for! x” – someone who identifies themselves only as ‘D’

“Donating my Decembers pocket money as I wanted to do something nice for others over Christmas. Thank you for looking after people.” – Layla Howell

And finally, “Wish I could give more, but am only a OAP, but think your work is vital.”

Donations can be made
by cheque payable to “Brighton Housing Trust” and sent to 144 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4PH
through BHT’s JustGiving page
by texting BHTF50 £(amount) to 70070


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