A shocking reminder of quite how bad the homelessness crisis is in Brighton

A report was published this week by Shelter that highlighted the high numbers of homeless people in the south east and in Brighton and Hove in particular. It said that there are:

  • Total number of homeless people: 4,095
  • Number of rough sleepers: 78 (although most homelessness services believe the figure is around 140 at present)
  • Number of people living in temporary accommodation: 4,017

This equates to one person in 69 in Brighton and Hove being homeless.

I was asked for a comment by the Brighton and Hove Independent. Here is what I said, published in the paper today (2nd December 2016):

“This is a sobering reminder, if any was needed, that we are facing a housing crisis of an unprecedented scale. In Brighton and Hove, one in 69 people are homeless, some 4,100 individuals. This number is made up of the 140 rough sleepers as well as the 1,800 children living in temporary and emergency accommodation and their families.

“Sadly government policy, focused as it has been for too long on home ownership, is not addressing the real need – to build homes with social rents that people can afford. Only by doing that will we provide the homes that people need and at the same time bring the housing benefit bill under some sort of control.

“Will we see the radical change in the government’s housing policy that is needed? I’m not holding my breath. Meanwhile, the homelessness and affordability crisis is likely to get much worse.”

While I am about it, if you would like to support the work of First Base Day Centre this Christmas, you can do so here


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