Selma Montford – a true servant to Brighton, its architecture and its people

(This is the text of a letter I had published in the Brighton Argus, 30th November 2016)

I am sure that I will not be the only one who wishes to pay tribute to Selma Montford as she steps down from the Brighton Society (Argus, 26 November 2016).

Selma has been an outstanding servant to Brighton and its architectural heritage for almost half a century. Whether you have agreed with her or not (and we have had our disagreements over the years), one cannot but admire her and have total respect for the integrity with which she has fought to preserve the values she holds so dear.

I hope that Brighton and Hove will find a suitable way of recognising her contribution, perhaps by giving her the Freedom of the City although, given what the City has become, it might not be something that Selma would want.

On a more personal note, Selma has long been a supporter of Brighton Housing Trust showing that she cares not just for Brighton’s buildings but also its people, not least the ones with nowhere to live.

Thank you, Selma.


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