As the autumn sets in, you can help those rough sleeping

Autumn is upon us, with winter creeping in, meaning that the lives of those rough sleeping in our community become even more uncomfortable and unhealthy. You can help improve their situations somewhat by supporting the First Base amazon wish list.

socksWe are particularly in need of boxer shorts and socks. They aren’t the most glamorous or obvious way to help the homeless community, but having a fresh change of underwear after a shower makes a huge difference to an individual’s wellbeing.

You could buy some socks, boxers or other items by following this link.

If you can help by sharing this on your Facebook, twitter, email etc. then it would be most appreciated. Here is some suggested text:

“BHT’s First Base Day Centre in Brighton provides support for those rough sleeping in Brighton and Hove. As well as access to on site healthcare and support to find housing and work, First Base also provide nutritious food and hot showers. You can support those sleeping rough by purchasing an item from the First Base wish list. It will mean that they will be one step closer to moving away from homelessness. Here is the link:

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “As the autumn sets in, you can help those rough sleeping

  1. Amazon are a massive company who treat their workforce badly and don’t pay the proper amount of tax. Wouldn’t it be better to provide a link to a more responsible supplier

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