Please urge your MP to support Bob Blackman’s Bill so no homeless person is turned away

No One Turned Away, a campaign launched by Crisis, is calling for every homeless person who approaches their council to get the help they need. Homeless people can be turned away with little or no help by councils as they are not considered a ‘priority’, even though they have nowhere else to stay.

Bob Blackman MP

Bob Blackman MP

Now Conservative MP Bob Blackman has tabled a Homelessness Reduction Bill to improve the support that homeless people receive.  There are some concerns regarding ‘intentionality’ (for example, is someone intentionally homeless for not engaging, which could be a problem with very chaotic or vulnerable clients) but BHT will lobby separately on this.

On Friday 28 October MPs will debate the Bill that could help stop homeless people in England getting turned away when they approach their council.

But unless 100 or more MPs attend the debate, parliamentary rules mean that just one MP can kill the bill.

Already, of the six MP’s in the areas where BHT works, two have said that they will attend the debate:

  • Caroline Lucas (Brighton Pavilion)
  • Peter Kyle (Hove)

Caroline Ansell (Eastbourne) has said she supports the principle of the Bill, as does the government, but she won’t be attending as she has a prior engagement that evening.

The following have not yet said that they will attend, so if you live in their constituency, please make a special effort to contact them:

  • Simon Kirby (Brighton Kemptown)
  • Amber Rudd (Hastings and Rye)
  • Maria Caulfield (Lewes)

As members of the government, it is unlikely that either Amber Rudd or Simon Kirby will be able to attend the debate, but it would be useful if they received many requests encouraging them to attend so they will be able to gauge how important an issue this is.

You can contact your MP by completing the short form on this link.


2 thoughts on “Please urge your MP to support Bob Blackman’s Bill so no homeless person is turned away

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