The Whitehawk Inn: a hidden jewel amongst the many gems in Brighton and Hove

The Rockinghorse, the Martletts, the Sussex Beacon, even BHT’s First Base Day Centre, are high profile charities which enjoy wide public support.

However, there are many smaller gems in the community that do amazing work, and bring about huge improvements in the lives of ordinary people in our communities.

whinn-painting_W220Even within BHT, we have our own gems that tend to get crowded out by First Base. One of them is the Whitehawk Inn.  Until April 2015, it was an independent charity.  Now part of BHT, it provides courses and a variety of free activity clubs open to residents of Brighton and Hove, not just those living in Whitehawk itself.

The Whitehawk Inn is so much more than a learning centre. The café and garden provide a bright and relaxing space to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up with friends and colleagues.

We have flat screen PCs available for low cost Internet access and printing in the café area.

Many of our learners and clients have low self-confidence and self-belief, so having onsite careers advisors, a learning programme and being involved in a range of partnership activities enables us to create opportunities and promote change.

We have recently launched our new autumn 2016 training brochure which covers a comprehensive range of non-accredited and accredited training courses including GCSE Maths, Food Safety Level 2 Award, Singing Together for the over 65’s, and IT Qualification Level 1.

To view the autumn 2016 course brochure please visit our website.


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