A rant about unsolicited sales emails!

One of my pet annoyances are unsolicited sales emails. I blog and name and shame the worst culprits – the ones who in spite of written requests to be removed from their mailing list, they pesist, sometimes for years. I have written about a couple, here and here.

If I was a litigious type, I am sure I would have justification to complain to the Information Commissioners Office or whoever is responsible for this type of behaviour. We need an Office for the Bloody Annoying. (Perhaps not, I am sure some colleagues would constantly be referring me to the OBA).

The latest point of irritation for me are the messages you receive AFTER you have unsubscribed. Here are some examples:

  • “It won’t be the same without you”. It was never the same before! It was never anything ever, during or after other than you wasting your money on mailing lists that are not going to bring you my business.
  • “We are sorry to see you go”. No you are not. You don’t know me. In fact, it is a bit of software that generates these replies and software is currently incapable of having regrets.
  • “Click here if you have unsubscribed by mistake”. No I haven’t made a mistake. The only mistake I could make is to engage with your rubbish business.

There are other aspects that annoy me (I am enjoying writing this rant, by the way).

I get annoyed by sites that make you work to unsubscribe: follow this or that link, select options for what list you wish to unsubscribe from, enter your details and not just your email address, and then ask you to complete a survey to justify to them why you want to unsubscribe.

The worst option offered for why you might want to unsubscribe is: “I no longer want to receive these mailings”. The reason is usually I never wanted to hear from you in the first place, I am not interested in refinancing my fleet, I have no interest in leasing a BMW, and my staff don’t have much call for fluorescent jackets or industrial boots. (A few of this week’s generous offers).

And finally, when the opening line of an email is a downright lie like one I received this morning (“We have spoken before about your SEO …” – no we haven’t), I am hardly going to do business with the that company.

I always feel so much better after getting things like this off my chest. Thank you for reading. If you subscribe to this blog, remember, you can always unsubscribe!


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