G4S given another massive government contract (this really is beyond satire)

You will remember some of the headlines:

g4_2281846kG4S has now been given yet another massive Government contract – to run an anti-discrimination helpline. The helpline used to be run by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Please could someone explain to me how and why a company which has, time after time, failed to deliver, with claims of actually abusing the public, which is still under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, still gets massive public funded contracts?

Back in 2013, Zoe Williams asked in the Guardian, “just how bad does G4S need to get before it loses government contracts?

Charities like BHT do good work, we do not fleece or abuse public money. In fact, we generally do more that what we are contracted to do. By comparison, our value for money is off the scale and we have never ever physically abused any client. Yet we have to fight tooth and nail to get small pots of funding.

My brain just cannot work this out. So I am asking you to help me make sense of this please.


One thought on “G4S given another massive government contract (this really is beyond satire)

  1. Andy I totally agree, indeed it is not just charities that often deliver more than they are contracted to do. I work for an Audio Visual installer and time after time we make decisions that in the short run, disadvantage our profit line in order to give society the absolute best value. We do so in part because we hope this will mean we get considered next time. Then along come companies like G4S and CAPITA which due to their size and their internal culture, deliver low value and extract the highest profits, and often pay their frontline workers low pay too!

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