Eating out in London Road, Brighton: five restaurants of note

I’m a conservative type of guy, unimaginative, who knows what I like and am a creature of habit. I both live and work in and near London Road, Brighton, and have a few places I frequent when eating out during the working day or socially. He are my recommendations of five places to eat around London Road (in no particular order):

imageLangeLees, 30 York Place: set up five years ago by fellow South African, Michael Lange, and his long-suffering partner, Lee Keeler, LangeLees provides excellent value for money with a wide choice of dishes, from sausage and mash to traditional English breakfasts (including the vegetarian Brighton Breakfast) as well as South African food such as boerewors and Bobotie. You would be well advised to book on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There is a discreet courtyard where you can sit when the weather is good.

imageEastern Eye, 58 London Road: while they specialise in South Indian cuisine, there is a range of other regional dishes. Be warned, the dishes at Eastern Eye can be on the hot side of normal. My favourite dish is their Chicken Dopiaza which they will prepare for me even though it is not on the menu. Ali, the head waiter, knows his cricket!

imageBardsleys, 22-23 Baker Street: the original and best fish and chip restaurant / chippie in town. They have been frying fish since 1926. Founded my Muriel Brown’s grandfather, Muriel and husband Roy are now in semi-retirement, and the business is largely in the hands of the fourth generation, Neil. Bardsley’s can be packed out on a Friday and Saturday, so do book. They do an interesting Specials Board but not being adventurous I tend to stick to grilled Haddock, half chips and half salad.

imageSemolina, Baker Street: this is one of the newer restaurants in the area and already has a reputation for great quality. Established by the delightful Linda and Orson, Semolina has a great menu for the adventurous but caters well for those with less sophisticated tastes, like me. Roast Pork Belly on a Sunday hits the mark for me.

McDonalds, 140 London Road: a quaint, tasteful and understated restaurant (not) serving traditional American fast food. As I arrive at the office in the morning, my thoughts turn to Big Macs and fries, not because I have ever had a Big Mac but because of the wrappers littering BHT’s car park. Not a good neighbour and not somewhere I would recommend.


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