Each Brightonian has an average of 388 what?

Juice questionEach morning our friends at Juice 107.2 (a radio station in Brighton) pose an annoying trivia question. It is really sad if you know the answer. Today (21st July 2016) the question was “Each Brightonian has an average of 388 WHAT?”

Shame on you if you knew the answer to be Facebook friends.

It brought home to me how inadequate I am on Facebook! I have about 20 friends. Most are family members spread across the globe and it allows me to keep up with them.

I get requests from people to become friends, often thinking I will post about BHT, politics in Brighton, or other such matters. No doubt they will be very disappointed when they discover I use Facebook for anything but work, frequently posting about important things like The Mighty Potters (Stoke City Football Club), the Stormers (the Super Rugby franchise based in Cape Town), Springbok rugby, and South African cricket.

I tend to use Twitter for the work. I also, of course, write this blog (even though I occasionally touch on sport such as the heartbreak I suffered at the Amex during the Rugby World Cup 2015).

It is said that you cannot effectively follow more than 150 people on Twitter. I’m sure that the same applies to Facebook. I struggle to keep up with the sad motely bunch of individuals who are my Facebook friends.

What is important about followers on Twitter, and who you yourself follow, isn’t the number. It depends who they are. I value being followed by work colleagues, clients, those who support and who are interested in our work, and those in positions of influence who can make a difference. If you are posting about a niche issue (that could be said about my blog: housing and homelessness issues in Brighton and Sussex), it is important that those in positions of influence, including journalists, follow you and you follow them.

Don’t get fooled by numbers. On social media it is quality as much as quantity that counts.


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