What a wonderful (mini) heat wave! But with it come risks for homeless people

SunColleagues are arriving at work today in shorts and T-shirts. It is going to be the hottest day of the year, but what a shame we have to be at work! I’m in a boring grey suit, not because I don’t want to wear shorts and a T-shirt, but this afternoon we have the launch of the City Council’s rough sleepers strategy at First Base Day Centre.

Most of us would prefer to be on the beach, swimming in the sea, or sitting in the shade in one of Brighton’s beautiful parks.

For homeless people, however, a day like this can be as dangerous as the severe weather we experience in the winter.

I can go to the water cooler and top up a jug with ice cold water and pull the shades down to keep out of direct sunlight. Homeless people, on the other hand, are at risk on days like this.

Dehydration is an immediate problem, and a long-term problem, shared with people working on building sites, is the risk of skin cancer.

Thank goodness for places like First Base and other centres for homeless people. They gives people respite from the elements, be it a heat wave or freezing temperatures.

First Base has an appeal for items that will keep people safe in the sun.  For a few Pounds you could help by buying something off our Amazon Wish List – sun hats, sun screen, etc.

The advice we get at times like this includes staying hydrated today, wearing light and loose clothes, slap on the sunscreen, and keep out of the sun.

Enjoy the weather but don’t overdo it.


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