Real Life Story: A life I could never have imagined thanks to BHT’s Addiction Services

Tina (not her real name) is a 39-year old poly-drug addict who was formerly a resident of BHT’s Phase One Project. She started her detox at BHT’s Detox Support Project in October 2015, achieved abstinence there and then progressed to the Recovery Project in February 2016.

She is a mother to three young children and is being supported in her communication with Social Services to re-establish contact with them.

The garden at the Recovery Project

Tina used to love gardening before drug addiction began dominating her life. Since being at the Recovery Project, she has rediscovered her love of gardening and has been able to offer a lot of encouragement and guidance to many other clients who have expressed an interest in this.

“I wanted to die. I was addicted to drug and alcohol for 21 years. I didn’t plan this lifestyle. My addiction just progressed and I ended up losing my children, relationships, friendships and eventually became homeless, living on the streets.

“During this time I remember the days when I would open my eyes in the morning. I would be cold having slept rough on the streets the night before, my body would be shaking physically from the alcohol withdrawal and I would feel sick.

“Dread would overwhelm me. Thoughts of “not another day” and where I was going to get my next drink or drug from constantly ran through my mind.  I wanted to die. Being alive was painful and I felt hopeless.

“I eventually got help and was given an alcohol detox but still needed a detox from drugs. I was so lucky to go to the Detox Support Project and they gave me so much help and support to get clean. The hopelessness began to lift as I continued my recovery from drugs and alcohol at the Recovery Project.

“I am 5 months clean off all drugs and alcohol and in this time I’m beginning to build a relationship with my children.

“I have a passion for gardening which I get a lot of support with here at the Recovery Project. My outlook of life has totally changed.  I want to live. I wake up looking forward to the day.

“I have a lot of support from friends, the staff here and also from the 12 step fellowship meetings I attend.

“I could never have imagined that my life could be so good and I’m so grateful for all the help and support I have received from BHT Addiction Services.”


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