Real Life Story: Mary and how BHT’s Whitehawk Inn project helped her back into work

Mary first came to the Whitehawk Inn for some general advice. She had been signed off sick from work due to stress and anxiety for six months. This had led to a total lack of confidence in any work situation. In her sessions with an advisor she realised she would need to update her C.V. as she had been in the same job for 9 years. She was also aware her IT skills were very limited. The advisor helped her to update her C.V. and choose a beginners IT course.

whinn-painting_W220At a following advice session, volunteering was discussed as another option for Mary. She understood how this could help rebuild her confidence and get her back into a routine. When she came in to enrol on the IT course, some volunteering options were discussed with her. She expressed an interest in volunteering with a local community learning centre. An interview was arranged and Mary was delighted when she was offered the volunteering role. It was a gradual start and Mary was soon volunteering on a regular basis and enjoying it a great deal. She also completed her IT course.

After a short time of volunteering and with her newly updated C.V. Mary began applying for part time retail work. She was soon successful in getting a part time temporary position over the Christmas period.

When that contract ended the company were so pleased with her work, they extended her contract. However, the shop next door also offered her a position. Mary was delighted as she was far keener to work for them.

She is now very happily working in a store that she loves. She said that she would never have moved on with her life and her work without the support of the Whitehawk Inn over the last 18 months.

Click this link for more information about the Whitehawk Inn.


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