BHT in numbers 2015/16

Between April 2015 and March 2016, BHT worked with 6,843 of whom 3,837 were men and 2,904 women. 33 clients identified themselves as Trans. (Gender was not recorded in 101 cases).

2,221 (32%) tenants/clients said they had a mental and/or physical disability.

784 (11%) were sleeping rough when we first worked with them. If you include those who were ‘sofa surfing’, that number increased to 1,038 (15%).

The total number of tenants/clients we worked with is more accurate than ever before. However, it is about half the number from our highest number ever, but that was due to an estimate of the number of people (2,500) who we signposted at the advice centres to other, non-BHT services. We did so without recording their details. We haven’t included these in our statistics for several years now.

We also no longer run some services that recorded a high volume of clients (HomeWorks in Eastbourne and and Support4Housing in Brighton and Hove). The number of legal aid cases we can take on, and the sort of cases we can run, has also called by about 1,000 following cuts by the Ministry of Justice. We had to reduce the number of staff at our advice centre in Brighton from 33 to 16. These cuts have bitten at the very time our service are needed more than ever.

But the negative thing about statistics and global numbers like these is that they dehumanise the real stories of the people we work with, individuals in crisis who often have no where else to turn. They become mere numbers.

Statistics also don’t tell you about the work BHT actually does, and the amazing difference we can make to people’s lives.

To counter all of this, over the next week or so I will be publishing each day an account of our clients lives and how we have been able to assist them.


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