TTIP, trade agreements, homelessness and shipping containers!

Containers On the Water 1In today’s Brighton Argus (21 June 2016) there is an article about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). My purpose in writing this post is not to talk about TTIP, rather than to reflect on the photograph used as an illustration to that story.

The photograph is of a container ship, Vantage, with a number of green, blue and yellow shipping containers.

These are not any old shipping containers. They are the ones that BHT and our development partner, QED, use to build our block of flats at Richardson’s Yard in Brighton.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned in regard to TTIP or the current debates around the European referendum has been the importation of converted shipping containers from the Netherlands to be used for housing! I can’t believe that there is any mileage from the most fervent Inner or Outer to share scare stories about trade restrictions from Europe on the converted shipping container market or our ability, our of Europe, to import converted containers from around the world.

The story, however, remind me of a lovely email I was sent last Tuesday from a resident at Richardson’s Yard:

“This is to confirm that last week Friday,the 10th,of June,I came to the office to give thanks for the support that I was given by Bht by being offered accommodation, when I was really in need. I don’t know how id have survived without Bht. I really appreciate all your help from the deepest part of my heart. I also came to inform you that I’ve finally found a new accommodation. It has been agreed with the City Council for me to serve the notice and move out on 11/7/16. Thanks so much for everything.”


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