From Client, to Intern, to Employee: dreams becoming reality

My colleague, Rob Robinson, one of our senior managers at BHT, received the following email on Friday. It was from someone Rob had worked with when he was our first Intern Co-ordinator.

“Hi Rob,

“I have got what I wanted and now work at (the name of his employer). My ‘outstanding’ application was as a result of following the clear, concise guidelines provided by you early on.

“You believed in me enough to start me off at Phase One and I have not looked back.

“I am now approaching the end of my Counselling Diploma and should qualify in the Autumn.

“My journey is only just starting, but I will never forget the faith you had in me and the opportunities you put in my path. Thank you. I would love to buy you coffee sometime.”

The BHT Intern Programme is one of the very many things I am so proud of at BHT.  It has brought about lasting change to the lives of so many people, helping them to get into employment.

Rob’s successor as Intern Co-ordinator, Murray Begg, had a message a while ago from one of his former interns who, at the age of 48, after a lifetime of addiction and homelessness, had received her first ever pay packet.

Does it get better than that?


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