Homeless people in Brighton face a challenge each day for survival

Linda Hubbard and friends are doing something truly amazing – amazing for them and amazing for BHT. They are climbing Mont Blanc.  What a challenge!  What an experience!

But what is truly amazing is that they are raising funds for BHT’s First Base Day Centre.  Linda is hoping to raise £1,000.

This is what Linda has written on her JustGiving page about the climb:

Linda Hubbard“Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe at 4,810 metres. It was first climbed in 1786, giving birth to modern day mountaineering. Trained in the use of an ice axe, crampons and rope techniques, I’ll be tackling glaciers, snowy peaks and jagged mountains with my brother Mike, Michelle, Dawn & Nath. We aim to reach the the summit on June 16th.

“Before moving to the French Alps, I spent 12 very special years in Brighton. I’m climbing Mont Blanc for the Brighton Housing Trust. They’re doing amazing work to combat homelessness by providing basic, life-sustaining services that most of us take for granted: food, toilets, showers, clean and dry clothes.”

But Linda has got one thing wrong!  She may be realistic in her ambition to climb Mont Blanc, but her ambition of raising £1,000 is not right.  She will raise far more than £1,000.  Already today (26th May), the day her JustGiving page went live, she has reached 29% of her target!  Let’s help her raise £2,000, even £3,000.  Why limit ourselves to that?

You don’t have to climb Mont Blanc yourself to help First Base – you can do it from the comfort of your home. Please support Linda, and please support First Base.  There are one hundred people each day who rely on First Base for those things Linda says we take for granted.  You can make a difference for those on our streets for whom daily survival is their Mont Blanc challenge.

Thank you, Linda, and thank you all for your support.


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