Homelessness: Reasons why you should support the work of First Base Day Centre

The average life expectancy of a street homeless man is 47 years, a street homeless woman just 43 years. Street homeless people are 35 times more likely to commit suicide than the rest of the community and are 4 times more likely to die from unnatural causes. They are 13 times more likely to be the victim of crime.

84% of rough sleepers in Brighton and Hove have physical health problems, 85% mental health problems.

Each year BHT provides support, advice, care and housing to over six thousand homeless and vulnerable people.

Last year First Base supported 297 rough sleepers into accommodation. We provided 20,076 meals, 30,160 cups of tea, and 15,000 bottles of shower gel. 1,300 mobile phones were charged, 15,600 towels laundered, 1,560 pairs of socks handed out, and 520kg of dog food provided.

How you can help:

  • £2 will pay for a client at First Base to have their clothes washed and dried.
  • £25 will pay for an assessment and support plan to help someone move away from rough sleeping.
  • £50 will provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch for 60 clients at First Base each day.
  • £100 will pay for skills training to help a person who is homeless secure employment.

Cheques should be sent to me and made payable to ‘BHT’, c/o 144 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4PH or you can donate online at www.bht.org.uk.

Better still, you could make a regular donation to BHT by taking out a standing order.  Do get in touch and I will send you a standing order form.

Many thanks.


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