The reaction of a colleague to the Queen’s Speech: offering a dose of reality

I have a colleague who prefers to remain anonymous, who sends me emails which speak from her heart, or her sense of frustration. She emailed me about the Queen’s Speech which I wrote about earlier in the week.  My colleague said that not only did the Gracious Speech fail to use the modest section I had drafted on housing, it failed to mention housing or homelessness at all.  This is what she wrote:

“Faster broadband is lovely……if you have a home. I’m guessing most people would want a home not an electric car.  Privatising land registry….. if you had a home to register

“Personal advisors for care leavers up to 25 – great, what about suitable housing for under 25’s? Or will the personal advisor just tell you there isn’t any.

“Education – lovely but how do you try and concentrate at school if you are in temporary accommodation or you are placed out of your area away from your school?

“Close Courts and make use of technology, good in some respects but what about vulnerable clients? What about advice?  How do you deliver Court Duty Desk Scheme which saves so many homes when there is no Court?

“Prison reform – again lovely but where do prisoners go when they leave prison and have no home and have to wait OVER 6 weeks for their first payment of universal credit? 6 weeks without money and no home….

“When will people see that the home / a home is the rock that you need for all these other things to ripple out from. It is the centre. But it is not the centre of any political plans and it does not even appear to be on the side lines. WHY?”

This isn’t a political analysis, but the heartfelt reaction of a colleague who, on a daily basis, sees the struggle of some of the most excluded, the most vulnerable, and the poorest members of our society.


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