Thanks to local artists who have raised funds for First Base Day Centre

Local Artist, Tom Stroud, held an art exhibition with fellow artists in aid of Brighton Housing Trust’s First Base Day Centre that supports homeless men and women move away from the streets. The event which took place at the Lounge Bar, Ship Street, Brighton raised £420, as well as bags of donated sanitary products, shower gels and toothpaste.

My colleague, Simon Hughes, Operational Manager of First Base said: “We are extremely grateful that a group of talented local artists came up with the idea to raise money for our homeless day centre. We have up to 100 homeless men and women that come to the day centre each day for showers, food, clean clothes and work and learning opportunities, these donations are invaluable.”

Tom Stroud, organiser of the event said: “I’m delighted at how successful this event went, the generosity of people donating goods was amazing.

“I have bought sandwiches for people I have seen on the streets but I felt there was a need to do something more useful. So I decided to do an event and approached people I knew. We arranged the exhibition featuring a myriad of contemporary styles including tattooing. We called the event XXV and Friends, XXV being the name I use for my art.

“Why First Base? I asked around about which project would be best to receive any money we raised and First Base kept being mentioned.

“I’m glad our efforts paid off.”


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