World Health Day: who looks after the health needs of homeless people in Brighton & Hove?

Many years ago at First Base Day Centre, we became aware of clients not being able to access primary health care. We began working with local GPs and a short while later the GP practice for homeless people in Morley Street, Brighton, was opened.

imageOver the years this has provided an invaluable service to homeless people. First Base itself continues to play its part with a medical room where we do anything and everything, from podiatry to sexual health, from dentistry to healthy eyes. We are able to do blood work so that clients can be screened for various conditions.

So it was with great concern that I heard that the company behind the Morley Street practice had announced that it intends to close that and four other practices around Brighton, many in deprived areas.

Today is World Health Day and it makes me wonder whether we are actually going backwards from the advance as we made over previous years. I am encouraged, however, that the GPs who are working at Morley Street have set up a company, Arch Health CIC, and hope to get the contract to continue to provide this invaluable service.  I would like to wish them every success. Homeless people in Brighton and Hove depend on them.


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