This is ‘Go Green Week’. What are you doing to protect the environment?

This is ‘Go Green Week’.  Most of BHT’s members of staff are very aware of green issues and are doing their bit to protect the environment.  At the start of this week, we have provided our employees with some examples of things they could be doing, if they are not doing them already. I have encouraged them that these ideas should not just be for this week, but for throughout the year.

  • Turn off computers when not in use and at home time.
  • Reduce paper usage: print on both sides and only print when absolutely necessary.
  • Turn off lights when rooms are not in use.
  • Use eco-friendly light bulbs.
  • Use non disposable kitchen supplies, such as coffee mugs and glasses instead of plastic or paper.
  • Ensure re-cycling areas are visible, labelled well and promoted to staff.
  • Encourage staff and visitors to recycle cans, bottles and paper.
  • Where possible, use public transport or car pools, and/or walk or cycle to work, this week and throughout the year.

This morning I asked colleagues to let me have other ideas or examples if they are doing something extra special this week to protect the environment. One colleague replied immediately: “The biggest driver of climate change is meat production… so going meat-free for even one day will make a huge difference. Just to highlight the point: if, for two months, you followed every single recommendation regarding water saving at home, you’d save roughly the same amount of water that is required to produce just one hamburger.” Interesting, and as a carnivore, very challenging.


One thought on “This is ‘Go Green Week’. What are you doing to protect the environment?

  1. My colleague Brodie has suggested the following: “We use ‘water hippos’ at Archway! They sit in the cistern and every time a toilet is flushed the hippo saves approximately 3 litres of water. Hippos installed in the average home provide a saving on your metered bills of approximately £20 per annum, Southern Water usually give them away for free.”

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