Mixed news for specialist supported housing

A mixed day for specialised supported housing:

The government has announced that the 1% cut in rents it had intended to impose of specialist supported housing services has been deferred, and it will review it again in 2017. Hopefully the government has recognised that the proposal would have had unwelcome do connsequences and this will allow it to either quietly drop the measure or announce that it has listened to specialist support providers like BHT and have decided to abandon the proposal all together. I would applaud the government if they did that.

The disappointing news is that the House of Commons voted to proceed with another, more serious, measure, to cap rents in specialist supported housing to Local Housing Allowance. I have written extensively about this, for example, here, here, and here.

But I am an optimist: given the government has seen sense on the 1% rent cut, it cannot conclude that this other measure should proceed given that 95% of providers have reported that they expect to have to close services.

Watch this space.


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