More warnings about the impact on the government’s plans to cap rents in specialist supported housing projects

Last week I posted two items warning of the dire consequences to the future of specialist supported housing services should the government proceed with its intention to cap rents in these services to Local Housing Allowance levels.

Others are now realising what a devastating impact it would have on their services:

  • Specialist housing association Framework said that “It would mean the end of supported housing. All our schemes would close, and I think all others would as well.”
  • Anchor, England’s largest not-for-profit provider of retirement housing, said the change could leave it with a £13m annual hole in its budget.
  • One Housing Group has said it was reviewing whether to proceed with 520 extra care homes it is currently building, saying that they could be ‘mothballed’ if an exemption is not announced soon.
  • New Charter, Hightown Praetorian, Great Places, and Family Mosaic have all confirmed that many of their schemes could not survive if the cut went ahead.

We have done an assessment on the impact on BHT which I will publish during the next week.


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