What an amazing Christmas present for two BHT clients … not what you would expect

My colleague, Jo Wilson who is the manager of our advice centre in Hastings, sent me this email this afternoon (Friday 18/12/15).  If this does not illustrate the value of our advice services and convince even the greatest sceptic of the value of advice, nothing will.

“Today at the County Court I had two clients, one facing possession proceedings and one facing a warrant of eviction where we had applied to stay the warrant.

“As you would expect we were successful in keeping both families in their respective accommodation.

“Both clients cried. One said that that they had packed all the belongings and Christmas decorations away as they did not believe that they and their two children would be in the home for Christmas. They were overjoyed to hear that they could go home today and put the decorations up.

“The other client had been struggling to make payments to their rent account so the children were told no Christmas presents and no tree, etc., no big Christmas dinner. A back date of housing benefit that came through after a phone call from the Court just before the hearing meant that the arrears were cleared in full and the client could now go and buy some small gifts for the children.  She was so excited about seeing the children’s faces when she would walk in to the house today with a Christmas tree for them to decorate.

“Without the assistance of BHT both these families and many others could have been facing being in temporary accommodation or street homeless this Christmas.

“Today we were able to give these families the best Christmas ever: our only gift was free advice and representation but what a gift that was. It saved their homes.”

I am so grateful to Jo and her colleagues at our advice centres in Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton.  Who would you turn to if you were facing a crisis.

Please watch our Christmas video to see how easy it can be for an ordinary family to lose their home.

And if you haven’t done so already, please support our Christmas Appeal.


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