The amazing generosity of people in Brighton and Hove (and Shoreham!)

I have been overwhelmed, as I am each year, by the generosity of so many people who have supported our Christmas Appeal for First Base Day Centre. Click here to see our short Appeal Video.

This morning I have looked through the donations made online, and the comments that people have left. I am always slightly concerned that I might not be thanking people who have donated because they have donated anonymously.  If you are one of them, thank you.

The comments that have been left include:

Tess & Debbie who donated £300: “It saddens us so much to see so many homeless people sleeping on the streets of Brighton. We hope our donation helps just a little bit this Christmas. The numerous charities do a wonderful job.” I can assure you, it will make a big difference.

All donations make a big difference, and are equally appreciated, like the one from Lesley who donated £10: “Sorry it’s not more.” I know that people can afford to donate very different amounts and we don’t value one size of donation over another.

Businesses are also doing their bit. Staff at Glebelands offices in Shoreham. who work for West Sussex Council and the NHS , raised £106.20 in a Christmas Raffle.  Long-standing supporters, Lynette Norris – Revamp Fancy Dress said that at this, their busiest time, they started asking people if they wanted to their change put the BHT collecting pot.  It worked well and they raised £55.00.

Many people have supported our appeal in lieu of gifts and cards: Gill and Aidan Berry said that they are not giving or receiving gifts this year, but are giving instead to BHT. They said that they are “very aware of the enormous homeless problem and the significant role played in our city by First Base and BHT.” Thank you for your donation and kind words.

Vic Wood said: “I’m not buying and sending Xmas cards this year and instead supporting the homeless of Brighton”, and Sally Runham said: “My son is 40 and says he doesn’t need a present. So this is from him too.”

The parents of Findley, the young boy who starred in our Christmas Appeal video, said: “Very proud of Finley starring in the Christmas appeal film. A great production, well done Beast. A very worthy charity, it could happen to so many of us.”

Amanda Attrell said that First Base is a “great cause, keep up the hard work. This donation is in lieu of Christmas cards this year to friends and family”, and my old friends at Loxdale Centre in Portslade, wrote: “Dear Andy and all at BHT. It is with absolute pleasure to donate to such a worthy cause. Good luck with the fundraising.”

On a similar note, EMK wrote: “Thank you for all the hard work you do at First Base. This donation is my winter fuel allowance as others need it more than me.”

And possibly my favourite comments, simply put, was from Michelle Hedger, who wrote: “Stay warm and strong. With Love xx”.

Of course not everyone will be warm and strong this Christmas. Your support enables us to make Christmas a little easier for the men and women who will use the services of First Base this year. Please donate what you can afford.  Thank you.


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