Clothes, sleeping bags and tents needed in Eastbourne

BHT’s Eastbourne Housing Access Project and the Salvation Army are working together to collect donations of warm clothing, sleeping bags and camping accessories for homeless men and women in Eastbourne.

The Eastbourne Housing Access Project has written to local stores in the Eastbourne area, but would appreciate support from any person that can help.

Items will be distributed to people throughout December at the Salvation Army premises including the Citadel and the Rebourne Centre.

Veronica Tomlin, Accommodation Officer, Eastbourne Housing Access Project said:

“Your support would be extremely appreciated.  Research by the charity Crisis shows that the average age of a homeless man is just 47 years, and 43 for a woman.


“Whilst homelessness is difficult at any time of the year, winter is a particularly hard time.”

If you can help, please contact Zoe Burns or Veronica Tomlin at the Housing Access Project on 01323 642615.


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