My views on high-rise developments

Today the Brighton Argus had a feature on high-rise buildings in which I was quoted.  There was one factual inaccuracy and one matter that requires some clarification.  This is the text of my letter:

“Regarding your feature ‘The only way is up’ (24 September 2015), could I correct one inaccuracy and qualify one comment.

“I am the chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust, not its Chair who is Joan Mortimer.

“Regarding high-rise buildings, my opposition to the 40 story proposed for the Brighton Marina was not reported.  I will only support tall buildings if they are developed to meet local housing need, not to provide investment opportunities for the rich, homes for those wanting to move down from London, or to provide second homes.  The Roaring Forties will do just that and not help to alleviate the chronic housing crisis in Brighton.”

What I didn’t say is that any new development in Brighton must be to relieve housing need, not merely build more homes for the wrong reasons. Any development on publicly owned land should be wholly for homes for rent, and all other development should have 50% for social housing for rent.

Once land is sold or developed, it is lost for ever and future generations will not thank us for selling off their heritage.


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