Celebrating the learners from The Whitehawk Inn and the merger with BHT

Well over one hundred learners, councillors and Board members attended an event on yesterday afternoon (9th September) to celebrate the achievements of learners and the merger between The Whitehawk Inn and Brighton Housing Trust. While the merger took place in April, this event marked the start of the first full learning year following the merger.

Guest of honour was the Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, Cllr Warren Morgan, who also represents East Brighton on the City Council where The Whitehawk Inn is located. Also in attendance was his fellow ward councillor, Gill Mitchell, and several other City Councillors.

IMG_0655Cllr Morgan talked about his long association with The Whitehawk Inn and its former chief executive, Frances Duncan. He said: “I was very pleased when I first heard of the merger between The Whitehawk Inn and Brighton Housing Trust. One provides important services to the people and community of East Brighton, while the other has a reach across the city.

“The merger makes it possible for The Whitehawk Inn to continue to do its work.

“A challenge for us all is to make sure that the economic achievements of the city spread to all areas, including East Brighton.”

This was a very important date for the Whitehawk Inn, for our learners and for BHT as it marks the start of a new learning year, the first with The Whitehawk Inn as part of BHT.

But this is not the start of the two organisations working together. For many years BHT residents and other clients have used the fantastic range of services offered by The Whitehawk Inn, and BHT has been honoured to provide accommodation, advice and support to those coming to us from The Whitehawk Inn.

This week saw National Literacy Day. The Whitehawk Inn does great work around basic literacy, but also digital literacy, financial literacy and emotional literacy.

I am very proud of the range of services provided by BHT, and with the addition of the fantastic services offered by The Whitehawk Inn, I can be even more proud.



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