A Friday afternoon rant …..

One of the principles relating to social media that I advise colleagues at BHT to follow, is never to be negative about others. Sadly, it is a principle that I don’t always follow, and this post is another example of my inconsistency!

Back in November I received an unsolicited sales email from Kayleigh Ellis, Business Development Manager of Business Agility. She was selling a SharePoint product. We already have SharePoint and use it for a range of purposes including remote working, and for Board and committee papers. I replied on the same day with a brief, but courteous, response saying that we were very happy with our current arrangements. I ignored the reference to “How Real Companies use SharePoint” as I don’t think she meant to suggest we were not a “real” company.

Two days later she emailed again, completely ignoring my response, asking whether I wanted to see if I had received the email and whether she could arrange a quick call with me.

My response, again that same day, was a bit briefer but to the point.

In March Kayleigh wrote again, this time saying that “the last time we were in contact I asked how your intranet was being used”. She wanted to know if Brighton Housing Trust had adopted SharePoint. I think my response wasn’t too nuanced when I simply replied: “Please unsubscribe me from future mailings”.

Today Kayleigh wrote to me again: “Following on from my recent emails, I wanted to extend an invitation to you and your colleagues to attend one of our forthcoming workshops.” Her email concluded: “I really hope to meet you personally on the day.”

My reply:

“Dear Kayleigh

“I have replied three times saying we were not interested and requesting to be removed from your mailing list.  If the response I have received from you to my previous emails, i.e. that you completely ignore the wishes of a potential customer, is an indication of your standards of customer service, then I really would not want to engage with your business.  I intend to blog about your company’s poor response to a potential customers.

“Have a good weekend! Andy”

I feel better for that.  I hope you, too, have a good weekend.


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