Local Welfare Assistance Fund: It helps the poorest and must be protected

Last week I wrote about cuts to Local Welfare Assistance Grants. The Local Welfare Assistance Fund was brought in just over two years ago after Community Care Grants and Crisis loans were removed. The Government gave some monies to Local Authorities but the money was not ring fenced. Next year the Local Welfare Assistance Fund will be no more. There are currently no plans to replace it.

This week a partnership of charities in Hastings, led by the wonderful Hastings Furniture Service, launched a short film, The Bare Necessities, about the importance of Local Welfare Assistance Grants. Watch the video here.

BHT Hastings has been part of a fantastic partnership film highlighting the cuts in Local Welfare Assistance Grants. The film was made with ZERO budget and all the amazing talented people involved gave their time, expertise and voices for free. In the end over 200 people worked on this film.

if you do nothing else today, please watch the video and write to your Member of Parliament.


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