Wetherspoons, London Road, Brighton

I have just registered an objection to the planning application by JD Wetherspoons Ltd for the change of use of a unit from retail (A1) to public house (A4) at 94-103 London Road, Brighton (application number: BH2015/00676).

To put it into human speak, I have objected to a shop being converted into a large pub at what was the Co-op Department Store in London Road, Brighton.

Objections to planning applications cannot take into account matters such as competition for neighbouring pubs, nor can matters such as the style of pub (you can’t say no to a pub but yes to a trendy wine bar!).

This is what I wrote to the Planning Department:

“I wish to strongly oppose this planning application for yet another public house in London Road.  There is already adequate provision for public houses in the locality, including in side streets off London Road. As a sub-regional retail area, London Road requires a healthy mix of retail, restaurants, and other facilities in order to attract visitors for both day time and night time economies.  The loss of a large retail unit will create an unacceptable imbalance between retail and other facilities.  There will be a loss of amenity for neighbours, not least for, but not exclusively, the students living above.  When the redevelopment of the Co-op was debated and agreed, the provision of retail units on the ground floor was a significant consideration given the loss of retail space resulting from the creation of student accommodation.”

If you wish to object (or support the application, Dan Wilson) you can do so by following this link.


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