Living Rent Election Debate in Brighton and Hove

My twitter feed from tonight’s Living Rent election debate held at the Brighthelm Centre
chaired by Dani Ahrens (@rebelyarns)

imageSpeakers (left to right – in photo and in politics …..?) were the Green Party’s @CarolineLucas, Labour’s @chrishenryman, Paul Chandler from the Liberal Democrats, and the Conservative Party’s @mitch_1uk


Comments made by the candidates, in the order they spoke, were:

Clarence Mitchell (Conservative)

Everyone has the right to decent #housing, says @mitch_1uk at Living Rent election meeting

“Better regulation and enforcement against rogue landlords is something I support” says @mitch_1uk

“We have no plans to reverse the (Right to Buy) policy” says @mitch_1uk

Paul Chandler (Liberal Democrat)

Lib Dem Paul Chandler talking about housing need and his experience as a councillor

Paul Chandler says Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition has build 170,000 affordable houses over last parliament

Chris Henry (Labour)

Standing in for @peterkyle is @chrishenryman talking about his activities in the Home Sweet Home campaign

Labour will build 500 homes if Labour form the next @BrightonHoveCC administration, says @chrishenryman

Nationally, Labour will legislate for 3 year tenancy agreements, says @chrishenryman

Caroline Lucas (Green)

There is a deep and growing crisis in #housing, says @CarolineLucas

“A roof over your head is a basic human right” says @CarolineLucas

The borrowing cap on local authorities should be ended so that they can build, says @CarolineLucas

Other comments included:

Audience members angry that Sarah Tether’s revenge eviction bill was spoken out in Parliament, and questions about what ‘affordable’ means

All candidates at Fair Rent campaign election meeting condemn the filibustering of Sarah Tether’s revenge eviction bill #housing


2 thoughts on “Living Rent Election Debate in Brighton and Hove

  1. In Tuesday’s Daily Mail – viewed at the bank – David Cameron was quoted as saying he would “put a rocket under right to buy” to get council tenants “on the housing ladder”.

    What he surely MEANS is he wants leaseholder numbers to grow so they can help bankroll various things like new lifts and External Wall Insulation (losing credibility as terrible downside emerges).

    Or he is forgetting how right to buy must surely sound to the homeless or close to becoming homeless in the extortionate private rented sector.

  2. I’m disappointed that the Green candidate for Brighton Pavilion seems not to have mentioned the lamentable record of the Green led Council on housing. I’m much more worried by the homeless on our streets than by the rubbish.

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