Who will house the young?

Yesterday I asked the question of future governments: who will house, not just the poor, but people on average incomes. I concluded that it certainly won’t be the large housing associations.

For the last couple of decades there has been an obsession about home ownership. This might have been a viable policy when prices were affordable and supply plentiful. Last week, the UK Housing Review, published by the Chartered Institute of Housing, reported on the rising inequality between young and older people when it comes to home ownership.

It found levels of home ownership has dropped for young people: two thirds of 25 to 34-year-olds were home owners in 1991 compared to slightly more than just a third in 2013/14.

With spiralling rents, an increase in zero hours contracts, and crippling student loan debt, I’m glad I am not a young person just starting out on my housing journey.

The question remains: who will house the poor, the average earners, the young?


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