Sometimes regulation of charities completely fails to protect charitable funds and the reputation of the sector

I was appalled to read recently that a former trustee of the now defunct charity, Helping Hands for the Needy, and his family received more than £150,000 in payments from the charity. He received £134,000 in payments to companies he and his family are connected to, £15,000 for building work to his home, and £9,000 for parking and speeding fines and other costs for running his car.

The matter was referred to the Metropolitan Police who decided to take no action.

One of the curses of being a charity chief executive is that we have to deal with so much red tape and regulation. Often we have to respond to queries from our regulators about the peripheral matters or things of that have little impact on our clients / beneficiaries. Yet there appears to be a gaping chasm in regulations and law that, when somebody is improperly benefiting to such a degree, there is nothing that can be done to prosecute the individual or to reclaim the money so that it can be used for its intended purpose, to help those in need.


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