Two epic challenges that you just can’t ignore

This summer BHT will be running our second Brighton to Paris Ultimate Cycling Challenge to raise funds for First Base Day Centre.

The Challenge involves cycling from First Base to the Eiffel Tower (130 miles) in 24 hours on the second longest day of the year, Saturday 20 June. As my colleague, Liz Davies, said to me: “It really is a fun and exciting event for enthusiastic cyclists. There is plenty of time to train so even if you are a novice cyclist you can do it”.

The cost of the event is £125 which includes your ferry crossings, overnight accommodation in Paris and return to Brighton by coach on the Sunday, and the minimum sponsorship amount you need to raise is £500. There’s more information on the itinerary, route and registration process here.

Now, if you think that is an outrageous challenge, well shame on you! Brighton to Paris is a stroll in the park compared to what Paul Bonnet is planning to do. Paul is a sensible man, running a successful business in Brighton, Bonnet’s Estate Agents. But Paul is not content with merely cycling from Brighton to Paris in a day.

As part of his warm up, he is planning to cycle from North Ronaldsay to Paris, stating 1st June. If you don’t know where North Ronaldsay is, it is further north than the southern tip of Norway and the furthest flung outpost of the Orkney Isles. If you don’t know where the Orkney Islands are, Google it!

And that’s not all, Paul intends to play a round of golf and teach aikido on each day of his mammoth cycle. Click here for more information on Paul’s epic challenge.

So here is what you can do:



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