A Twitter ‘Five a Day’ Habit

More exercise, more reading, more dog-walking, keep on top of my emails, drink less alcohol, eat more healthily. You recognise these? All (other than drink less) feature, or have featured, in my New Year’s Resolutions at one time or another. The reason why drinking less alcohol has never been one of my resolutions is because I am tea-total and always have been.

A few years ago I committed myself to Five A Day. On the whole with my diet I do stick to this. Each day I eat a modest amount of fruit, broccoli on most days, and in the course of a week other worthy food that makes up a healthy diet. Before I was diagnosed as being diabetic, I indulged in another Five a Day, though not of the kind ordered by my doctor (marshmallows, custard creams, liquorice allsorts, Jaffa cakes, etc.).

I have thought of a further Five a Day suggestions. These ones relate to Twitter. Each day

  1. Retweet something that someone else has posted
  2. Say something positive, encouraging or validating about someone else
  3. Follow someone who is new to twitter
  4. Unfollow someone whose tweets you no longer bother reading
  5. Be courageous, challenging or funny on twitter

What would your Twitter Five a Day habits be?


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