A “clear moral case” for making welfare benefits payments within five days

Today an influential report on food banks has been published. It has been written by a cross party group and appears to have overcome rigid partisan positions that has characterised some of the debate around food banks.

Isabel Hardman, in the Spectator’s Coffee House Blog, writes: “It is a thoughtful report, and very difficult for the sort of people who like lazy point-scoring on either side of the political spectrum to use as a weapon. And given it is only 55 pages long, it is quite easy even for hot-headed partisan types to read in half an hour.”

One thing I write about from time to time is the need for the DWP to improve the administration of welfare benefit claims, that delays are causing significant hardship. The report agrees saying that the government “must urgently reform the benefits system so it is able to deliver payments quickly within five working days”, that there is a “clear moral case” for doing this.

There is a growing consensus that the DWP is failing regarding welfare reform. And at a huge cost to the public purse. The DWP, almost alone, continues to deny this.

In addition to report itself, Feeding Britain, and the excellent analysis by Isabel Hardman, it is also worth reading the article in the Mail on Sunday by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.


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