High Court rules that denying books to prisoners is unlawful

The Ministry of Justice has had a ban on sending books to prisoners in England and Wales which today was ruled unlawful by the High Court. For the last year or so prisoners have been prevented from receiving parcels unless there were “exceptional circumstances”, such as a medical condition. High Court Mr Justice Collins said he could see no good reason to restrict access to books for prisoners.

I can understand why certain books might be banned – violent, pornography, etc. – but books reduce boredom, educate and entertain. Apart from the crass stupidity of the Prison Service denying books, the comment of the Prison Service to the judgement is bind boggling. It said it that the judgement was surprising, and would look at how it would deal with the ruling.

I know this is a wacky idea but perhaps the Prison Service could deal with the ruling by allowing prisoners to have books …..


One thought on “High Court rules that denying books to prisoners is unlawful

  1. One of our Recovery clients chose abstinence after being given “The Power of Now” in prison by a visiting yoga teacher. He decided to use his last couple of months inside as a “retreat”, to really focus on his priorities and broke a lifelong cycle of drink related offences. He went through the Recovery Project and Dual Diagnosis house, repairing relationships along the way and is now a father with hope and a future. It’s utter madness to deny people this opportunity.

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