The Living Rent Campaign: Six Point Manifesto

Affordability of housing, or rather the lack of it, is a theme I return to on this blog on a regular basis.  I like to promote what others are doing such as the campaigning of the Living Rent Campaign.  The Campaign has a six point manifesto:

  • Licensing, which would mean private landlords having to apply for a property licence from the council
  • A Living Rent Commission to monitor and control rents to make sure they are not too high
  • Six-month tenancies to be replaced by three to five-year tenancies to increase security
  • A landlord accreditation scheme, which would show residents which landlords are considered ethical
  • Support for those ethical letting agents across the city
  • Support for the building of council homes which would be let at a living rent price

The Campaign highlights that over 30% of Brighton and Hove’s homes are in the private rented sector. They argue that rents should cost no more than a third of monthly income. The average rent for a one-bedroom flat in the private sector in Brighton and Hove is over £800 per month and the average house price in the City is £380k (the national average of £189k).


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