Londoner’s second homes and migration from the capital are putting an intolerable burden on housing in Brighton

Brighton and Hove is fourth in the league table for Londoners with second homes, behind Wiltshire, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and Chichester. There are 2,348 Londoners with second homes in the city.

In an area with such an acute housing shortage, we really don’t need almost 2,500 second homes for Londoners denying people already here a place to live. The combination of people having second homes, and the migration of around 4,000 households from the capital to Brighton each year, is putting an intolerable burden on our limited housing and land resources.

The only way we can slow down this trend is by ensuring that more of the homes being built here are earmarked for local people, and the only way we can do that is by ensuring that new homes are for rent within the social rented sector. Brighton is a magnet for Londoners able to cash in on high house prices, but this tsunami of migration of wealthy Londoners puts an intolerable burden on housing. House prices rise remorselessly as a result.

Where people have second homes in the city, a local tax should be imposed with proceeds being used to subsidise affordable housing for local people.

(Some of the above was taken from my quote in today’s Brighton Argus, 5th November 2014)


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