Homeless people don’t have the home comforts that you and I take for granted

I was on BBC Sussex radio this morning. Having to get up at 6.00am on a Saturday to be at the studio in Queens Road by 7.00am isn’t my idea of having a weekend lie-in, but it did give me a chance to talk about the great work done by my colleagues at First Base.

Walking through town, warmly wrapped up against the autumn cold, I walked passed so many people bedded down in shop doorways. By 7.00am I had already used the loo, had a shower, eaten my breakfast, and put on clean and warm clothes. Those sleeping rough will have woken up cold, stiff, no loo, no shower, no breakfast, no clean clothes.

Fortunately there is First Base where we provide toilets, showers, clean and dry clothes, breakfast, as well as advice, guidance and practical help to get people off the streets.

Unfortunately, BHT doesn’t receive enough money to cover our costs, and we rely hugely on the generosity of people like you. You can support our work by ordering something from our Amazon Wish List (thermal underwear, tooth brushes and paste, gloves, hats, towels, coats, etc.) or you can make a donation online. You can also donate in a more traditional way by sending me a cheque made payable to ‘Brighton Housing Trust’ c/o 144 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4NF.

A donation as little as £5.00 ensure we can provide for one day fresh milk, rather than powdered milk, for the men and women using First Base. Having to have powdered milk was one of the things those using First Base said they most disliked about our service. I can understand that.

Please think about the things you value about you home comforts, and please help us to provide a little comfort to those without a home.


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