Last night I was ‘Comment Bombed’ by cannabis pro-decriminalisation bully boys

Last night I was subject to what I can only describe as ‘Comment Bombing’ on this blog. I have never experienced this before and I can only assume I was the target of an organised campaign designed to intimidate and silence me because of views I had expressed opposing the decriminalisation of cannabis.

It was a shocking attempt to prevent free expression.

It started at 9.21pm when an email alert popped into my inbox telling me that a comment had been left on my blog. I was quite pleased because I had had, until that point, just some limited interest in Saturday’s post opposing the call by a local Member of Parliament for the decriminalisation of cannabis.

The comment, from a Mike Brody, wasn’t quite what I expected. It simply read: “Burn in HELL”.  I dismissed it, thinking that Mr Brody must be a rather sad individual.

Two minutes later a second comment arrived. A co-incidence, no doubt.  Then another, and another and another.  They came in think and fast.  Some were reasonably argued, some not so.  Most demanded a response.  After half an hour or so I stopped approving the comments as it was clear there was an orchestrated campaign underway.  As the volume of comments from the USA increased, the quality deteriorated!

When I woke this morning there were too many comments to count. Some demanded to know why I had not responded to comments left a couple of hours earlier – in the middle of the night.  Perhaps it is because I was otherwise engaged …. sleeping.

To be honest I haven’t bothered to read the overwhelming majority. The majority did not appear to be abusive. The majority I am sure were not unreasonable.  However, the sustained and un-relentless nature of this campaign, sustained now for almost 24 hours, has rendered some of the comments worthless.

I’m all for debate, but not with dozens and dozens of people hunting as a pack, trying to intimidate and deter me from expressing one particular view on the debate around the decriminalisation of cannabis. You really do no service to other, more principled, advocates for a change in the law.  These bully boy tactics won’t work.


One thought on “Last night I was ‘Comment Bombed’ by cannabis pro-decriminalisation bully boys

  1. Andy, welcome to the internet. What happened was you wrote a blog that annoyed a lot of people and they responded, nothing more than that.

    I made my comment yesterday because a Google alert (I assume you know what that is?) popped into my inbox telling me of your blog. I dare say I wasn’t the only person to see that alert.

    What probably happened was not uncommon, your blog would have been posted around discussion forums – clearly if you were getting posts during the night it went global, night time posts usually come from the USA. It’s the internet, it’s what happens. It wouldn’t have been an organised campaign against you or anything so dramatic, you just got noticed and talked about.

    What drove me to comment was frankly a great irritation that someone who claims to be a professional in the field would write such an ill-informed article. You weren’t simply stating an opinion, you justified it with reference to a study you seemingly hadn’t read and certainly didn’t seem to understand. Worse you repeated the claims of the gutter tabloid press as fact, pure lies from the prohibition lobby dressed up as proof offered by an industry professional.

    There are a huge number of people out here who are finding their voice to speak out against cannabis prohibition, which is why the issue is not only refusing to go away but is even gaining support from politicians. What I would ask of you is that you do a bit of research into cannabis use and what the actual level of risk is – including how that level of risk relates to things we accept as normal because that’s essential for contextualising the issue. Nothing on earth is “safe” after all and many things we do for fun or relaxation are far more dangerous than cannabis.

    But more than that, if you are, as you imply, genuinely concerned for the well being of others and the safeguarding of young people in particular, I would implore you to understand the very real harm that prohibition causes. Cannabis is not a controlled drug under prohibition and some pretty nasty people are in charge of the huge industry the demand for this drug has created. That’s the cold hard truth of the regime you support.

    But if nothing else comes of all this I hope you understand now how strongly some people, self included, feel about the case for law reform and how totally out of touch you are with this issue. You showed this again with the title of this blog; it’s not decriminalisation law reform campaigners want, it’s legalisation, an entirely different concept. I guess you don’t fully understand the difference.

    PS I saw this blog because I’ve subscribed to it in case you were wondering.

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