BHT Client Satisfaction Survey

Each year BHT, like all housing associations, carries out a Client Survey.  Our questionnaire goes out not only to tenants, but also to clients of all other BHT services.

It is a very important way through which BHT reviews its services. It is a snapshot at a particular time, albeit a comprehensive one. It adds to the regular feedback received at project level and through other activities.

Individual projects have received a breakdown of the survey findings for their project, and this will have informed the preparation of the Project Improvement Plan for 2014/15. Below is a summary of the overall feedback received and my response, on behalf of BHT.

Key findings include:

  • 86.8% of respondents said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received from BHT
  • 4% were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with BHT services
  • 61% rated the condition of their property as good or excellent.
  • 77.3% of clients rated the opportunities to influence how services are planned and delivered at delivered at BHT as excellent or good.

Accommodation, Repairs and Maintenance

68.4% of respondents believed that the service they were receiving represented value for money, roughly the same as last year (69.5%).

61.8% of clients rated the condition of their accommodation as excellent or good, slightly down on last year (66.8%) however, 20.2% stated their accommodation as below average, rating it as acceptable or poor. This represents an negative increase of 7.4% on last year.

The quality of repairs carried out within projects was deemed by 51.5% of clients to be excellent or good, only 1% below on 2012 (52.4%). 23.9% reported repairs as average, whilst 24.6% of respondents cited the repairs as acceptable or poor. This represents a negative increase of 5% on 2012 results.

65% of survey respondents satisfied or very satisfied with the level of communication they received when repairs and maintenance work was being carried out 10.4% of survey respondents were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with communications, this is a slight improvement on last year (12.3%)

BHT Response: We know that this is an area that has required improvement. As a result we have changed the way we deliver this service by closing the Tenancy Centre and bringing this function back in house where there is greater overview and communications can be improved. For example, in Hastings, the Handyperson is now supervised from within BHT so that we can be more responsive to day to day repairs when they are reported.. We have made additional funds available to carry our major repairs and improvements. We have also employed a Handyperson in Brighton


17.9% of clients thought their service or project could improve its awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgendered issues, which represents nearly a fifth of client survey respondents.

15.8% of clients felt their project could improve its awareness of black and minority ethnic (BME) issues whilst 33.1%, nearly a third of clients stated that awareness of disability issues should be improved at project level. 20% would like to see gender and gender equality issues understood more within projects.

BHT Response: We have an Equalities and Diversity Working Group looking at these issues and an application is in preparation for an LGBTU co-ordinator role to ensure greater consistency and awareness across the organisation


74.6% of survey respondents stated BHT’s Safeguarding and Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Abuse Policy as clear or very clear, however, 17.2% felt the policy was not very clear or not at all clear.

80.7% were clear or very clear as to the types of incidents that would need reporting, however, this leaves 19.3% or did not hold awareness or clarity in this area.

92.9% would most definitely or definitely report an incident where themselves or someone they knew were at risk of harm or abuse.

BHT Response: BHT is committed to further explore work to be carried out with clients and staff to further understand this issue. This could be carried out by BHT’s Safeguarding Working Group.


BHT remains very committed to continuous improvement of services. The fact that there was not an improvement in satisfaction levels is disappointing. However, after this survey was carried out, BHT launched Striving for Excellence, an initiative aimed at getting every aspect of our work reviewed, not through a process-driven approach, but a cultural evolution. I hope to see improvements in satisfaction levels increase in the next survey.

(Please note: this post was updated to correct figures in the key findings, specifically satisfaction levels were 86.7% not 8%!)


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